Secrets in the Shadows

Fascination of Nature
Experience virtual travels to exotic forests.

Ancient Wisdom
Discover the secret healing powers of rare plants.

Save the Forests
Help environmentalists to protect the forests.

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Explore the Virgin Forests of Earth

Experience the fascination of nature: Forests of Eden takes you out to virtual travels to the virgin forests of earth. Discover a world of exotic animals and plants and explore a green realm full of deep secrets. Experience the untouched beauty of nature and help environmentalists to protect it.

The Sumatra rainforest within "Forests of Eden"

Forests of Eden combines a new kind of virtual nature expeditions with a charming garden simulation. The outstanding visual quality of the game will captivate you inevitably. You will get deeply immersed into the world of the forests, leaving your everyday life behind.

Learn Ancient Wisdom

Within the game you take over the role of a journalist for a magazine dealing with nature topics. You are a specialist for the traditional herbalism of the indigenous people in the natural forests of the world.

A native inhabitant of the rainforest describes the powers of a healing plant inside "Forests of Eden"

During your expeditions you meet the natives of the woods, and soon you gain a deep insight into their age-old knowledge about the healing powers of the herbs. Your travels take you to the Asian rainforest in Indonesia as well as to the South-American thornwoods in Argentina and the Canadian coniferous forest.

Use the Healing Powers of the Herbs

The natives will now and then give you some seeds for traditional healing plants. Back in your private garden, you cultivate those herbs along with various crops and ornamental plants. That way you produce precious herbal medicine that cures many diseases.

A garden with medicinal herbs  inside "Forests of Eden"

The crops supply you with the provisions for your expeditions. During the course of the game you may expand your garden countinously. This includes cultivating plots, constructing buildings and setting up decorations as well as caring for all plants and animals inside your private little paradise.

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